Rainy Sunday

Let me begin this post by admitting that I don’t really have anything to say here.  I’m just writing something because.  This is kinda my first blog (OK, not REALLY – I’ve written one or two blog entries in the past, on Blogger or wherever [can’t even find them now], but it was never anything I continued on a regular basis.  I think in those cases, I just had to vent about one topic or another).  But I’m returning to the idea of blogging on this rainy Sunday morning, not because I necessarily have anything to say (not that I’m aware of yet, anyways), but because I just kinda found myself messing around with some new software (Windows Live Writer), and doing so led me back into the concept of blogging, and me remembering that I had existing accounts, etc, etc.  I must confess, there are very few blogs I even follow.  I mean, I follow my girlfriend’s blogs, but those are for her work (she’s a photographer), and I kinda have to, don’t I?  If I don’t, I’ll I get in trouble.  So those are sitting right up on the top of my Yahoo page.  But honestly, outside of those, I’m not sure there’s any particular blog I follow.  In fact, I must confess that I’m beginning to view the web in general as a confusing place.  There’s just SO MUCH content!  It’s all over the damn place!  There are beginning to be, for me, anyways, just too many things to keep track of.  I mean, I’ve got my requisite Facebook account (complete with actual friends, I might add.  Friends I actually know).  I’ve had accounts on all the main predecessors to Facebook as well: MySpace (outside of being a musician posting my tunes, I really had no use for it.  It looks like shit – gaudy & incredibly tacky – and is rife with SPAM & hackers.  Honestly, in my mind, it is a site for children.  …or whatever we call them now: teenagers…), Friendster (remember them?  That just kinda went away, didn’t it?).  Shit, I even had a Hi5 account for a minute (man, THAT was useless!  I hear it’s big in Poland, though…).   I tinkered with Twitter for a hot minute, but I never saw the point, particularly considering that its functionality seems to already be covered in Facebook.  Plus, it seems to produce all these errant text characters (hashes & “@” signs) that make it look ugly.  Visually, I find it kind of horrific.  You Tube: I’ve got an account, but have only ever posted one video (maybe two).  I mostly have the account so I can comment on videos OTHER PEOPLE post.  Hmmm…  What else is out there?  Flickr: I had an account years ago, when they first started, but honestly, I don’t really take very many pictures anymore (certainly not of myself), and when I do, they just go up on Facebook.  And then there’s blogging.  A curiosity that I’ve flirted with the past, but failed to make any kind of lasting connection with.  We’ll see this time.  I suppose my blog is supposed to be the place where I document all my random thoughts.  That used to be done via my Songwriting, but I haven’t been writing songs so much in recent years (more on that later).  Besides, I always felt that there was more inside me than just songs, anyway, so maybe my blog can serve to re-connect me with my writing in general…  As with anything else, I think the challenge will be finding the time.  We’ll have to see. 

Anyway, I think that’s about all I have to say for this post.  Thanks for listening, and maybe I’ll write something else soon.


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